Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Love Everyday

The thought that if you are alone during this ‘festive, loving’ day there is something wrong with you. The Truth is, since my first Valentine when I was 13, I have not had one. Instead, I have spent this day with friends who love me, unconditionally, not just because it the 14 of February. Seeing a teddy bear mouth and mime those three little words, or a flower dressed in designer wrappers made your knee’s buckle and seductive sensual chocolates made your mouth smirk and water. The likely rationalization is the teddy bear, who is warm and fuzzy made you time travel back to that feeling you had as a child when you got things for free, the flower picked from the masses, dowsed in insecticide punctures your finger and you bleed, and the chocolates… simple… your mouth secrets salvia with the temptation of appetizing goodies and that makes your mouth water, not love.

Cave men dragged their lovers by their hair into a cave and had at them, we say animalistic, maybe that’s how they showed love, I mean they couldn’t mouth those three little words, so huffs, puffs and groans were adequate as expressionism of their affection for each other. Here I killed this Mammoth for you my dear, here is its left fibula bone, you like? Your cave or mine? Love?

Then time pasted on, we evolved into tactful, respectful human beings. Clothing dressed, lined and shaped us, therefore, a loop hole had to be created to get past materials, hidden depths, and into the heart. Would you like to go for coffee or dinner? A Date? Two nervous people sitting at a table, watching what they say, controlling how they eat and throwing subtle yet effective hints too find out more, the purpose, to get into each others head, finding out how they think, trying to pin point the physical attributes they like, the emotions they pick up on and they deepness of their mind. Finding mutual grounds to work on and move towards a path of happiness. When it’s easy between two people, those butterflies that were exploding and crashing into each other subside and its becomes comfortable, either that, or the fine wine and exquisite food trumped their anxiety. If there is a chance of more, the sparks connect the souls, the cosmic chemistry guides them in their endeavors, and if love bitch slapped lust and won, they would show each other affection in many ways, tokens of spontaneous love combustions, in hugs, kisses and smiles, not just, its that day that saint Valentine designated, here is a gift, take it!

Generation xoxo, hugs and kisses and I luv you’s. Media and television and music have made the word love as common as peeing in public. The lovelust love has conquered the young, blinded the youthful and baffled the ageing. Reading between the lines of love and luv, do u love me OE or U? Simple don’t say ‘it’ if you don’t mean it. Many single valentines’ days under my belt, the glorified heart shaped piss up is soon? Are you alone? Or, surrounded by pockets of happiness and love right now, in seven hours or even six days from now, you are not alone, ever! Proud, Happy and Loved, everyday-


Here is a teddy, just because,
Here is a rose, just because it’s Tuesday,
Here is a chocolate, just because I thought of you,
Here is my heart, just because…

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