Thursday, 15 December 2011

Less Yada Yada, More Wrap Wrap.

The iconic christmas we see in the films of age. The velvet snow that lays peace to all where it lands, the snow men with carrots as a nose and buttons for eyes. People having a giggle making snow angels. The turkey that took the day to prep and roast, the crackers laid to await a good pop and crack. the finest dining set spread out and ready for the food to fill the hungry faces. Those beautiful homemade sweaters with a snow man or a snow flake knitted into the fabric, adorned with the wearers smile. Christmas comes around once a year like a birthday but everyone gets gifts. Did you hear that Rudolf's nose is only red because he is a cocaine addict or that santas beard is fake. The  man with a red fluffy suit and 8 charming reindeer. Is Christmas the festive day we all want, what's all the fuss?

Shops crowded with people all trying to get their hands on that game or that dvd. The last promotional item as they have sold out, queues that transcend the once peaceful magazine walkway. Decorations everywhere. The so call 'Santas helper' that offers alot more than a quick wrap, apparently she was oprah. i offered a donation, she offered her opinions on my gift choices. She told me that, Lady Gaga has demons in her music and most people don't know that. When you are at a club and her jams come on, all we want to do is dance in the dark, she says we are possessed and demons are in us because all her music has subliminal backtracks that make our minds cloudy with bad thoughts. She then told me how she watched paranormal activity and then went to church to ask the priest to pray for her. I'm sorry, but when did shopping and getting my presents wrapped get turned into ' Hi, and next on Dr Phil a possessed kid thanks to the Lady Gaga', this Christmas adventure was shaping up to be an interesting gift bonanza. 

During the wrapping of my awesome gifts i learnt alot about this elfish creature from lord of the rings. She told me her life story, where she was from, what she was studying, to which i acted intrigued and decided to see how much help a santas helper was. I asked if she was the only one manning the station to which i learned. She comes from a promotions company, she hates her outfit and refuses to wear a the hat, so she bought a clip that resembles a santa hat. She then began to tell me she dislikes her fellow santa helper because she is just out of matric and she is annoying, and and and. I thought to myself while watching her wrap. This Santa's helper is obviously seeking alot more than santas help. She would tell me her bra size if i asked her I'm sure of it. She then went further and told me her friend was coming so she was just going to sit on the roof and chill as they not busy, well then who would wrap the gifts. While wrapping my gifts she began to judge my spending ' you bought way to much'. i said yes, Christmas may be commercialized and made for making money, but i love to give gifts to special people in my life. She then told me how her and her family doesn't  give gifts as this holiday is more about the religious part. I thought, ah crap, religious banter, I'm the last one you need to speak to about this. I then began to get a little irritated and urged her to wrap quicker. Less Yada Yada, more Wrap Wrap. 

The people i encountered on my shopping trip were entertaining. The child and parent, child only wanting to be home on the couch or drunk, and the parent who irritable, tired and just wanted this trip to be over. The big spenders, the lookers, the window shoppers, the price hunters, the bundle buyers, the spontaneous mega consumers. Christmas time is an interesting time, where all the walks of life come out to play. I could sit and watch all the people move from store to store, like cattle laced in ribbons and bows walking to become less of the cash cow and more of a milk maid. Then comes the thought of what to buy and for whom, this person likes this, that person likes that, what to get granny, what to get mom and dad, what to get the siblings and what to buy the someone special in your life. i wrote a list, i never used it. I saw something and bought it, i really don't like shopping. Then you decide, i have the presents, then you see something else that will bring a smile to a face, so you buy it, a box, a card, wrapping, bows, ribbons, so much of sparkle. Then you become creative lets put all their presents into one big box, so it confuses them into thinking its one present, so much of fun to confuse the gift receiver. Wrapping presents is like wrapping a body with clothes and undies, when is it to much or going over board. After getting my presents i decided to get them wrapped as I'm to lazy and so badly coordinated i would just let the Santa's helper do it, and as i have just said, they help a lot more that they think. They made writing this blog fun, so thank you strange girl from behind the counter, your much sought after advice, just went global, no no, its a pleasure. 

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