Thursday, 17 November 2011

il google it

Artificial intelligence, cosmetic surgery and history. Where did all that we see and touch come from? From the great pyramids of Giza, to the Mayan Temples in the Americas, across the bubbling volcanic seas to the cradle of mankind. It all started with a big bang in Africa, and I’m not referring to the mating rituals of cave people whose idea of fun was painting rocket ships and alien beings on the rock walls to confuse the people who discovered it. The dinosaur’s phenomena, such huge beasts that literally could most probably defecate an elephant. The concepts of the ages, the change in religious practices, the challenging of movements, creating the technological boom that makes stalking a china man on the pot easy thanks to Google earth. What made all of this is what I ask.

The whole secret of the race of Homo erectus than spammed from the pages of a religious hard cover paperback book. Adam and eve who are what many people believe are the birth parents of the world. Then you get the argument of evolution due to climate change, years of development. So let’s be frank and just bare with the ramblings of a twisted mind. Lets say that Adam and eve are the birth parents of life, how does this explain black people, white people, Indian people, within in that, eye colours, noses, heights, hair colours, branch down even more health problem, hereditary illnesses, fit people, healthy people, break it down to the fact that we are 70% water yet, yet we have the ability to interact, communicate. Have you ever heard real water speak? What defines the human race, what makes us the only known life forms in the universe? If we did apparently come from monkeys, lets call them Adam and eve, how did the world become 7 billion people. As far as I am aware incest is frowned upon. And if we did maths, 2 people make another person, maybe two, from there how did 2 people make the earth. Or in today’s world, we grow a person in at test-tube and wham. Human.  The whole debate of evolution from apes to people is a strange tail because if true, why are there still apes today, if we are made from the same genetic base, why are they still primitive and roll around at the sight of a free banana. Is Gucci the new banana, or brands in general.

That’s my point. Branding and brands has created a unique human, one that is equipped with artificial intelligence, gardened by a creator. We learn what is good, what is bad, what kills, who kills, what’s in, what’s out, trends, fads, accessories.  Who to be, where to be, what to be. The 21st century Adam and eve is more like I robot on crack with a pair of gold encrusted sandals, and a manicure. Heterosexuals, homosexuals, heterosexuals. Transsexuals, so many sexual aren’t they. Within themselves are sub categories, stereotypes, the good the bad and the ugly. The question I pose. Whose image have we been created in. Based on past, whether we come from apes, or made from an almighty being, who or what have we become.

Take a look at yourself. What are you wearing, what phone do you have, is it in’? Did you go to gym today, did you eat some healthy bar after. What music are you listening to? What shows are you watching? What celebrity are you like. Who do you look like? Questions questions questions! While writing this. I looked, I have Levi on, because it’s an awesome brand, I have an iphone, because it is smarter than any other phones, and because people have told me sold. Word of mouth and gossip is the untapped advertising space. When people speak, what is she wearing? Seriously a nokia, and why that hairstyle. Now think about what I just said. Have you done that? Adam and Eve are still here, making their own rules, creating their own individual Eden. Today has become can I stand, how do I stand out. IL Google it. As Google has become a digital god. Or Wikipedia the best place to find the real facts, magazines to show us lifestyles to buy into, TV shows to make us think. How did we become people filled with less history in their bones and more radiation due to the technological age?

I am who I am because I was shaped by schools, then shaped further by rebellious varsity days, and now I live the independent dream. I like a pair of shoes, I buy, because it’s branded. I have iphone, because it is a pretty stylish modern phone. I drive a mini because the brand has created a mini image, and now one must adhere to this brochure atmosphere. I don’t hate today or what we have become, I just wish I could remember where I came from. The family tree has now become a digital Google maps facebook  nation. And yes, this is blog, on the internet which I would not of had if eve didn’t eat that apple and monkeys didn’t decide to stand upright and speak.

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